The Mesban Goodness!

This post is second in the “A Trip to Raojan” series. The first post can be found here.

Long ago at some day, i have told you that I had been to Raojan. I wrote first where I was, how I came to be there and other stuff. I also wrote that I will do a second post on it but I ultimately didn’t. My exams are just around the corner and I have a stalk of ideas for blog posts. And since I can’t blog very much (Not that I do it a lot) I have taken up the time in 14th May,2012 at 5:48 AM to get in front of the computer and write this post. Enjoy!


Sleepiness slowly wore off my eyes. I could see the sun shining upon the windows. I slowly got up and had breakfast and then waited for my relatives to come (mostly whom I don’t know) and then set off towards Raojan for the Mesban.

It was bright morning when we arrived and saw that a lot has arrived. This, my friend, astonished me! In Dhaka, if there was a event to be reached at 7 o’clock the first people would enter at 9 o’clock or so. :D Then I was off and with my cousin for he was the only cousin of mine in Chittagong and it is only him I know well. I started asking questions to him-mostly which he didn’t have the answer off. Like- did the Mesban start; when it is going to start; why is it not starting; what is this; what is that and other foolish questions I made up to start a conversation. I should have gone like my good friend Imtiaz. He starts a conversation by: “Hey! How’s life?”

The eating did not start before the namaz. After the namaz (or before?) my father took me to a tour and told me everything about our family history and which most of it I forgot. There was a lot of grandfather; my grandfather, my father’s grandfather; grandfather’s grandfather!

After we came back the feasting and merrymaking had began already! I was told to sit down and eat but i thought would do eat later. But after sometime i couldn’t resist since the smell was delicious it self! I went off with my cousin and sat at a table to start the feasting and merrymaking.

The food was great! Too good to be explained in a blog post. But do try and please yourself from the pictures since a picture is worth a thousand words! But I will describe anyway!

There was of course plain old rice and beef. But ht e beef was said to be cooked in a different way, in a way only reserved for mesbans. Well, i did not actually care since they can cook what ever way the like but I always look at the taste of the food. I was might pleased! It tasted like the best food on Earth to me. The beef was suppose to be spicy but it wasn’t or maybe it was. I don’t know. But I did not find it that spicy at all. Other than normal beef there was broken-lintel with beef, a watery type thing which i wasn’t very fond off but was liked very much by Kashif. There was a cow bones which you are probably familiar with. But just in case-you don’t actually eat the bone but rather the things inside. I wonder what is it called in english?

After eating, my tummy grew big and round and I went to the pond to take some rest. I was thinking of having some more but when I got their for the second time everything was being packed away. I wasm’t very angry since we got some beef to take back home. Hooray!

Later, we came came back in late afternoon. It was a fun day but probably i did not express it as well. Well, I’ll learn as I blog. And thank you for reading!


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