“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
Sherlock Holmes

I have been recently been spending my time seeing the BBC TV series – Sherlock. It brings the very well-known Sherlock Holmes to the 21st century and is one of those series you will fall in love with right away. It teaches you a lot about observation and how we tend to miss out rather obvious things.

I have seen a lot of TV series – The Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Arrow and I have to say these are no competition for Sherlock. They are really good series but Sherlock is just extraordinary. BBC really pulled it off.

If you got some time to spare I would recommend you watch it. Can’t wait for Season 3…


  1. Safin Wasi

    Actually,season 3 is out. Guess what,Moriarty is back!


  2. nazia

    it’s actually a great pity that each season is so small….. very few episodes only.
    P.S : u have a very cool website. smart and beautiful concept-contents. :D


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