Fardeem Munir is a 12 year old boy living in Bangladesh. He recently learned the beauty of talking 3rd person and is doing it right now.

He studies in Sir John Wilson School with friends like Ehram, Imtiaz, Sadik snd many more.

He works with the web mainly because he was kicked off the team when trying to play with other kids. He did an internship at DCastalia and even wrote a blog post about it. He thinks he is a pixel-perfectionist, web developer and a good guy. Oh, i forgot to tell

This is his blog:-D

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  1. Sihab Sahariar

    Brilliant Job…!
    May Allah Bless you Brother :)
    Best of Luck !


  2. Amir Hamza

    অসাধারণ হয়েছে । ভাবছি তোমার কাছে থেকে web site বানানো শিখবো। শিখাবে ?


  3. Mashpy Says

    আসলেই তুমি pixel-perfectionist. সাইটের ডিজাইন অনেক সুন্দর লেগেছে।


  4. Tazkir

    mama… website to bhaloi banaiso…..


  5. Tuhin Parvez

    Rubai, You are really Awesome! May Allah fulfill your dream. We know a proverb that “Exceptional is not example”. But, You are Exceptional and You are the Example!


  6. কাওসার

    Really It’s My Pleasure To See Your Nice Blog..! Wishing Your Best Success..! Thanks


  7. অপু

    Oh!… Rubai is a awesome পিচ্চি :D


  8. Anik

    Go ahead Rubai..
    We want to see you in the top..
    Best wishes for u…

    -anik vaia.


  9. Ishtiaq Ahmad

    Congratulation……………Carry on……………..May Allah fulfill your hope.


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