A year at review and resolutions for the future

As I write this the world is 45 minutes away from stepping into a new year- The year 2013. Luckily for us the world has not ended. This year was really stunning as big moments swept across my life. So here is the year 2012 in a review

Designed by Davide Vicariotto from Italy.Via Smashing Magazine

Designed by Davide Vicariotto from Italy.
Via Smashing Magazine

  • I graduated from class 6 to class 7. Yeah!
  • I did an internship at Dcastalia¬†on front end development. I did write about it.
  • I went to Singapore for the first time. It was a delight but I was lazy enough on not doing a write up on it.
  • I did my first client site while working at Dcastalia- tinkutraveler.com
    and other things which I can’t just remember right now!

This year I am deciding on making some new year resolutions so here they are

  • I’ll get better at studies and by better I mean getting some rad results. Hoping this will get a tick mark.
  • Finish up some unfinished business which will be done by 7th of January.
  • Get into a goal oriented life to get a lot done in a day.

A new year waits ahead of me. Wall will stand in front of me but I have to break them down.

Happy New Year to All

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