A Trip To Raojan

Cold breeze swept across my face. It was probably 6 in the morning and I was there, sitting in the CNG as it rushed to the train station while I am thinking of food. Not ordinary food that you and I eat every now and then but the delicious, mouth-watering of a – wait for it….-a ““mesban””!

Yes folks, a “mesban” in Raojan, my grandfather’s house. I have heard very little about “mesban” and also about Raojan. But from as much as I know, I am assuming it is a wonderful place.

As the day to go came closer, excitement filled the air around me. This trip was containing events which I never experienced before. I never been to a “mesban” and I have no idea what does it look like even. I have been to my grandfather’s house (I go there once a year at the least) but Raojan is like nested grandfathers house and I have not been there. But I heard it has trees and ponds and other village-y stuff. So this was first of everything. AWESOME!

Now, back to the 15th March, 2012

So now, if I skip me having breakfast, shoe lace tying and walk with the luggage, I am now in the train. The train journey…well…. was awful! Ok, not as worse but come on folks, 10 hours for tablet tapping is not worth it! I now imagine-what if I did not have the tablet with me- would the ride have been better? I think not! And whenever the train stops at a station, they play these songs (which are very old my known to many) with a low pitch sound-and the song ultimately results to squeaky gibberish.

So let’s skip boring train ride stuff to awesome, kick awesome food eating. Now, as it is I am in the living room of my Uncle’s house having lunch. But it would better suit if I tell it was afternoon snacks since it was 6pm! And after that the story begins……

The First Sight

We were now heading for Raojan. The “mesban” is tomorrow (Friday, 16th March) and we were going to see if everything was awesome. We got into this traffic jam (Oh! No. Here to!!) so fell asleep. And what happened next? I don’t know!

When I woke up, it was around 7pm and I got a sudden shock. It was dark everywhere with trees hanging above the car as it goes on accelerating through the paths. I probably think that at that time if a man was standing 1 foot away from the car, I could not have seen him. It was that dark!!

Now I was awake and had nothing to do. I started to tap away in my tablet device. Then I opened up Google maps and was hoping to see this blue thing moving through the place as we advanced. It’s a pretty neat thing.

We arrived and entered through this chocolate colored gate. I got out of the car and saw my cousin Kashif (cousin) surrounded by some other people I don’t know. Then I looked around. It was a nice place, and the smell of food filled the air. About 45⁰ anti-clockwise stood a one-storied house, mostly white and partly black and right of that was empty space and beyond that-darkness. I later got to know that there is a pond there. I expected that.

I got really excited but before that I entered the house. There stood my aunt and other relatives. I gave them salam and I realized that I did not know many of them. So I got to know them. Then me and my cousin went outside and to look around. I saw the big pots and the cow. And somehow the time went by and I saw a turtle which I got scared of, I ate a lot of “Chotpoti” and began to wonder if I was going to end up like ‘Sunny Rahman’. I will blog about Sunny Rahman one day if I have the time, patience and money (?!) but if your name is Sunny Rahman then assume it is not you. But I was lucky, nothing happened.

My cousin was going to stay there for the night was trying to convince be to stay too. But I disagreed. I was feeling scared and weird and other stuff adjectives which I can’t remember right now.

And that was the end of the day. We went back to the city and it was time to sleep. We went back, had dinner and then slept. Tomorrow awaits a grand event and we should not be late to enjoy it. Tomorrow awaits the “mesban”, an event I always wanted to be a part of.


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  1. Nuzhat

    Nice story and Good Writing.. Here, You came up with introducing people about a Chittagong tradition “mesban”. That’s great.. :D


  2. badal

    Very good writing blended with excellent detail. please keep it on always . You have the skill to be a good writer. wish you the best.


  3. Rony

    a really good reallife story :) keep it up :) :)


    • Fardeem Munir



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